This mode will test your Frisian knowledge, like an exam. It could take a while.


The Jiskeiter (ash eater) is a grey hairy humanlike creature, wandering around at graveyards, looking for ash and flesh to eat. The creature is sneaky and waits for his victim to pass by. Sometimes it opens up a fresh grave to feed itself.


The Stjerkwolf (strong/dead wolf) is a strong deadly wolf that kills everything that crosses his path. This wolf is huge in size, looks like he’s rotting (parts of bone are visible) and likes to stand on two paws. It is lurking in the shadows, waiting for its prey.


The Fjoerfûgel (fire bird) is a big bird with wings of fire, head like a skull and dark eyes. The Fjoerfûgel flies around and feeds himself with everything it can ambush on the ground. The Fjoerfûgel likes to eat ashes, like the Jiskeiter. The difference is that the Fjoerfûgel turns its victim to ash.


The Toskmûnster (tooth monster) is known for its teeth and tusks. That’s all you see. The monster hides in the shadows and actually looks like a shadow, a little bit like Slenderman. He hides in everything that has a shadow and bites or stabs its prey with its teeth and tusks when you least expect it. His teeth are like razors and its tusks are like spears.


The Skriembist (crybeast) is a beast that lures you to dark places like a forest or cave. He can imitate the cries of a baby or a little girl. Which makes it a scary creature. Sometimes he can also take the form of a little girl. Only nearby you can tell the difference...


The Drôcheach (illusion eye) is a monster that lives in the depths of the ocean. It is a long dark red eyed monster with sharp teeth. It uses its eyes to deceive its victim. The victim will most likely be paralyzed when the Drôcheach takes it down with him to the depths of the ocean...


The Skiergrânz (ancient growl) is a dark creature with white eyes that lives in old mines, it has an ancient growl. When he hears something, he will start to growl. His growl is so loud that it goes through bone. If you made the noise he heard, you better start running...