Here and there you will find some Frisian texts or words. These help you to understand Frisian easier and better, without a lot of effort.
On the Overview/Oersicht page you will see a map with flags. The red flags indicate enemy settlements, you can attack and take them over. Follow the instructions beneath the map.
The Attack/Oanfal page is a way to get points real quick. Well, it depends on what you attack. The more Enerzjy you spend, the greater the rewards. But be careful, the chance to succeed is also lower.

Note: Watch the cooldown before you attack.
This is a premium function you can activate in the ‘Magyske Shop’. Also you need to have enough Magic Stones, otherwise you won’t be able to look around for treasure. Once on the island you can decide for yourself how much of the island you would like to search. The more Magic Stones you use, the more treasure you can find.
Join an Alliance on the Alliânsje page. Once you joined an alliance, you are able to take a daily reward from the Alliânsje page.
Enter the Maze and you will come across a random monster of a different level. The stronger the monster, the more Enerzjy it will take to fight the monster. Also the monster will be harder to defeat. You decide!
In case you are out of points or only Enerzjy, you could learn some Frisian here to earn some. The more difficult you make it for yourself, the higher the rewards.
Do you think you’re good at Frisian? Test yourself by ‘entering a dungeon’. Make it out and earn some great rewards.

The Frisian coin that you need for many things.

Each day you login you will receive more of these.

This indicates how strong you are.

Collect these and fill the Legendary Pillar.

Magyske Stien
Magic Stone
The magic stones that give you access to new places.
You can buy them in the Magyske Shop.

These points indicate the size of your army.
3 Striders are awarded after each 75 Krêft you earn.